OK, so here’s something my wife, Jaclyn, and I have become more involved with over time. It’s called The Warrior’s Journey. It’s an internet-based Christian organization for military members, veterans and their families. It’s faith-based but offers secular, practical help as well. Our family is proud to be a big supporter.

Jaclyn actually gets the credit for us getting involved. She was traveling and ran into a couple of military officers who were active with the group. The more she heard the more she liked the idea. After talking it over we decided to get involved.

I proudly display their logo.

The thing about this is that I don’t care what your politics are or what political party or candidate you support. We all owe a debt to our military people. Much of the world is ruled by people who would like to take us over or kill us. Our armed forces stand between them and our freedoms and our lifestyle.

Military life and its aftermath can be tough. We all hear about post traumatic stress disorder, and for good reason. It’s real and it can cause serious mental and health issues. The thing is, though, that there are a lot of other issues that don’t get as much publicity, support and funding.

Military people don’t make a lot of money. The pressure to support a family and pay your bills can be overwhelming. It’s the kind of thing that never really goes away. If things aren’t handled properly, and if they don’t get the right kind of advice, things can get out of control.

Alcohol and drug abuse are no strangers to the military, either. The toll they take on the man or woman afflicted and their family can be devastating. The right kind of help is a must.

Deployments can be serious too. Marriage isn’t easy by any standard, and it’s a lot tougher when you’re separated for months at a time. If you aren’t careful, that can end up in divorce and all sorts of other issues that aren’t pretty.


aclyn and I believe that we all can do more for our military people besides saying, “Thank you for your service.” One way is to get the word out about available help. The Warrior’s Journey does that. Check them out at thewarriorsjourney.org.

They can help with whatever an active duty military man or woman needs, as well as with veterans and their families. They do it without judgement or condemnation. And, they have all sorts of public and private organizations they work with and that support them.

If you need help, or know someone who does, you can contact them through their website. Or, you can contact me through my website at hankcherry.com. I’ll get you in touch with someone who can help — no matter the problem — and I promise you that no one will ever know anything about it except for the two of us.

Without our military men and women we’d have nothing — no America, no nice house, no religious freedom, no political freedom and for sure no fishing tournaments. We all should remember that every single day, and help them in any way possible.