Jerkbaits in the Fall




Some advice about jerkbait colors for the fall, courtesy of Team Livingston pros Jacob Powroznik, Hank Cherry and Randy Howell, 2014 Bassmaster Classic Champion.

1). SHAD SHINES in the fall: “Colors can vary, but a shad color is my first pick,” says Powroznik. “I like Beauty Shad, Clearwater Shad, etc. Just something that matches the shad in your lake best.”

2). TRY SOME TRANSLUCENT colors, too: “As it gets colder and the water starts to get a little more clear, I throw more more translucent colors: Pro Blue and Ayu,” says Cherry.

3). BOLD COLORS WORK when traditional colors won’t: “My top color in the fall is Table Rock, which is a very bold color: it has some purple, some chartreuse, some white,” says Howell. “Seeing a color that stands out from the million silver-colored baitfish they’re in the middle of pulls fish away from all those shad.”


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