Meet Hank


At the age of 3 fishing was introduced to Hank and remembering a fishing trip that he took with his father and grandfather to the mountains, hank was 4 years old and remembers for 100’s of yard chasing a musky swimming in the water and just the excitement of watching the fish and being with two important men in his life, made fishing stick with him and he knew, he wanted to fish for a living at a very young age. When you go around as a kid, then a teenager to a young adult, telling people you want to be a professional angler for a living, people don’t always take you serious and told Hank he couldn’t do it. This gave him the determination to make it to where he is today, as a Bassmaster Elite Series Angler! With a lot of blood, sweat, tears, hard work and dedication to be in such a competitive industry, in 2003, Hank entered the FLW as a pro fishing the BFL division and quickly made a name for himself in the fishing industry. 2008-2009, He fished the Pro FLW Tour series and was very successful. With even more determination, Hank knew he wanted to be an Elite angler and set out to do just that. Having to compete in the B.A.S.S. Opens division , He qualified for the elites and became the Rookie of the Year in 2013 for the Bassmaster Elites. With 3 Bassmaster Classic appearances under his belt already, and going into his 6th year in the Elites, the determination is still there and there is still more for him to accomplish. When you ask Hank what his goals are now that he is in the Elites, he will tell you “ to complete my journey and to inspire people along the way.” Hank is married to Jaclyn and they have 2 children, Christian (8) and Bella Grace (4). They reside in Lincolnton, NC.

Career highlights

Elite Series tournaments : 64

Bassmaster Classic Appearance: 3 Making 4th appearance March 2018

Time in money: 38

1st place Finishes: 2

Top 10 Finishes: 7

Top 20 Finishes: 15

Top 30 Finishes: 22

2013 Elite Series Rookie of the Year

Tournament Trail

February 7-10 – St. Johns River, Palatka, Fla

February 14-17 – Lake Lanier, Gwinnett, Ga

March 15-17 – Tennessee River, Knoxville

April 4-7 – Lake Hartwell, Anderson, S.C

May 2-6 – Lake Fork, Texas