Jerkbaits in the Fall




Some advice about jerkbait colors for the fall, courtesy of Team Livingston pros Jacob Powroznik, Hank Cherry and Randy Howell, 2014 Bassmaster Classic Champion.

1). SHAD SHINES in the fall: “Colors can vary, but a shad color is my first pick,” says Powroznik. “I like Beauty Shad, Clearwater Shad, etc. Just something that matches the shad in your lake best.”

2). TRY SOME TRANSLUCENT colors, too: “As it gets colder and the water starts to get a little more clear, I throw more more translucent colors: Pro Blue and Ayu,” says Cherry.

3). BOLD COLORS WORK when traditional colors won’t: “My top color in the fall is Table Rock, which is a very bold color: it has some purple, some chartreuse, some white,” says Howell. “Seeing a color that stands out from the million silver-colored baitfish they’re in the middle of pulls fish away from all those shad.”


Elite Kindness

The Bassmaster Elite Series traveled from coast to coast in 2015, and we were fortunate to tag along and watch as the best anglers in the world competed in every situation imaginable. The fishing is only part of it though – family, friends and faith are big part of the “gypsy” life these anglers lead, and are often overlooked by the coverage these tournaments receive.

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Hank Cherry: Change Pace for Fall Jerkbait Success

When it comes to catching bass on a jerkbait in the fall, throw out every rule you think you already know about jerkbaiting.

That probably sounds a little extreme, but it’s really not: a jerkbait like the Team Livingston JERKMASTER 121 with Electronic Baitfish Sounds (EBS) MultiTouch™ technology is a great way to catch fish in October, but you really have to refocus the way you fish a jerkbait as bass make that transition from late summer to fall. Continue reading “Hank Cherry: Change Pace for Fall Jerkbait Success”

Cherry pushing to raise awareness of rare disease

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Bassmaster Elite Series angler Hank Cherry is hoping to raise awareness and funding for Sanfilippo Syndrome research after he learned the daughter of a longtime friend had been diagnosed with the disease.

Sanfilippo Syndrome is a rare terminal disorder that affects 1 in every 70,000 young children.

“There are so many diseases and ailments out there that get a lot of attention and support, while the tragic Sanfilippo Syndrome remains virtually unknown,” Cherry said. “I‘d like to change that.”

Cherry_Hank_Ferguson_AbbyGrace_1411_sanfilippo_574_HCChildren with Sanfilippo Syndrome are born without a vital enzyme that breaks down complex carbohydrates in the cells. Over time, the waste products build up and cause severe brain damage and an early death, typically before their teenage years. There is currently no cure or treatment for the syndrome.

It wasn’t until earlier this year that Cherry learned about Sanfilippo Syndrome.

“My college roommate’s daughter was diagnosed with Sanfilippo Syndrome,” Cherry said, referring to 10-year-old Abby Grace Ferguson, the daughter friend John Ferguson and his wife Wendy.

Ever since learning of Abby Grace’s diagnosis, he has spent many hours researching and educating himself about Sanfilippo Syndrome. He’s making it his objective to not only raise money for his friend’s family and to offset medical expenses, but to raise awareness so that future diagnosed children have a better chance at a longer life.

“I’d love nothing more than for researchers and doctors to heal Abby Grace, but it’s also important to fund the research so that future kids have a chance as well,” Cherry said. “Today, it’s Abby Grace, tomorrow it could be your kid, my kid, or any kid for that matter.”

Cherry isn’t alone in his efforts to raise money for Sanfilippo Syndrome research. Earlier this fall, fellow Elite Series angler J Todd Tucker hosted his annual Songwriters Quail Hunt and through an auction in conjunction with the event more than $5,200 was raised for the Abby Grace Foundation. Jacob Powroznik, the reigning Elite Series rookie of the year, also donated the funds to bring the Ferguson family to the 2015 Bassmaster Classic at Lake Hartwell in South Carolina in February. Cherry plans to host the Ferguson family at the Classic and make sure Abby Grace and her family have a great time.

Cherry and Ferguson played college baseball together at UNC-Pembroke, where former teammates of theirs, headed up by Jason Lockhart, hosted a fundraiser called Strike Out Sanfillipo to raise additional funds for both research and the Ferguson family.

For more information about Sanfillipo Syndrome and Abby Grace, visit the Abby Grace Foundation’s Go Fund Me website at