Cherry’s Moment in 2013 Classic

Author: Brad Wiegmann |

Every lifetime there comes a moment. A moment in time you wish you could replay. That moment once gone will follow you forever.

Winners achieve greatness by working towards goals. For 2013 Bassmaster Classic Championship qualifier Hank Cherry it was a dream of a lifetime. It was a dream that he spent his life preparing for by fishing in tournaments every opportunity possible.

Cherry has had his ups and downs during his fishing career. He reflects on the past only to recognize how to achieve goals set for the future.

This year the highlight was winning the Bassmaster Bass Pro Shops Open on Smithville Lake. The low point occurred during the Classic when a big bass got off. It all happened so fast.

Over the years, Cherry has landed thousands of fish. Rarely does one get off when Cherry is pulling them in.

As the video played on the Bassmaster Classic stage of Cherry epic battle all he could do is sit down on the steps and watch. Cherry knew the outcome and probably replayed it over and over in his mind on the drive to the BOK Center in Tulsa.Bassmaster Classic Hank Cherry Copy

One can only imagine what Cherry was experiencing.

Crumbing to the floor of his boat, Cherry had two options. He could lay there in self pity having loss a big fish in the Classic or get up and make another cast.Bassmaster Classic day 3 weigh in

Everyone in the BOK Center looked stunned. They were afraid that Cherry would just lay there or get up and throw a fit. The crowd of 15,000 plus was silent.

Not surprisingly Cherry decided to get up and fire out his jerkbait hoping to catch another big bass. He had learned over the years of fishing in tournaments that things happen that he couldn’t control. This was one of those things.

It’s moments like these that shape and change an angler forever. Over the years a number of past winners of the Classic have experienced what Cherry experienced. Hopefully like them, Cherry will learn and use it as a learning experience.

Bassmaster Classic Hank Cherry

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