Day Four with Cherry at West Point Lake

James Overstreet

Photographer James Overstreet caught up with Hank Cherry on Day Four on West Point Lake. Cherry soon landed what would be the Carhartt Big Bass of the day with a weight of 5-15, so Overstreet stayed with him to see what Cherry had up his sleeve on this challenging body of water.

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Hank Cherry joins Livingston team

Bassmaster Elite Series angler Hank Cherry has joined the Livingston Lures Pro Angler Team. Cherry, coming off of an impressive third place finish at the Bassmaster Classic, is the latest addition to the Livingston Lure Pro Angler Team, joining Brent Chapman, Jeff Kriet and Randy Howell.

While Cherry is a rookie on the Elite Series trail, he has dominated regional pro circuits for over a decade.

Cherry took notice of Livingston Lures at the Sabine River Elite Series event, “I had heard about Livingston at the Bassmaster Classic, but never had the chance to visit their booth. At the Sabine River event, I got the chance to see fans react to their products, and I was impressed. Then at the Falcon Lake event I had a chance to actually spend some time in their set-up. Again, the fans were excited about the baits and when I heard several customers talking about how much they liked the baits they had purchased on previous days, I knew I wanted to be a part of this team.”

Cherry met with Livingston executives and the entire pro angler team at a Livingston retreat at Horseshoe Bay Resort 80 miles north of the Livingston’s headquarters. Cherry stated, “I met with the people of Livingston and saw firsthand how the company cares about its products, its people and growing the sport as much as I do. The entire Livingston Pro Team and I worked with lure designer Jerry Rago on the new Pro Series line of baits, which should debut at ICAST in July. It’s a very exciting time for Livingston Lures right now, and I am proud to be a part of it.”

Fred Battah, CEO of Livingston Lures, is pleased to have Hank Cherry join the Livingston team. Battah said, “We observed Hank’s fishing skills, personal composure and stage presence at the Bassmaster Classic. Now that we have spent some time with him, there is no doubt he is not only an exceptional angler but a quality person with a high level of fishing intelligence. Hank will be a very valued asset and team member for the Livingston Lures Pro Angler Team.”

Livingston Lures offers a full line-up of hard baits that have extensive technology built into them, including sound. Sound has quickly become a tool anglers at all levels have started utilizing frequently. Cherry expressed, “From my experience on the water, sound is a valuable element in catching bass. Livingston’s sound and vibration technology is something I have already added to my tacklebox. Fishing against the best anglers in the world, I need all the advantages I can get.”

For more information about Livingston Lures, visit

Cherry’s Moment in 2013 Classic

Author: Brad Wiegmann |

Every lifetime there comes a moment. A moment in time you wish you could replay. That moment once gone will follow you forever.

Winners achieve greatness by working towards goals. For 2013 Bassmaster Classic Championship qualifier Hank Cherry it was a dream of a lifetime. It was a dream that he spent his life preparing for by fishing in tournaments every opportunity possible.

Cherry has had his ups and downs during his fishing career. He reflects on the past only to recognize how to achieve goals set for the future.

This year the highlight was winning the Bassmaster Bass Pro Shops Open on Smithville Lake. The low point occurred during the Classic when a big bass got off. It all happened so fast.

Over the years, Cherry has landed thousands of fish. Rarely does one get off when Cherry is pulling them in.

As the video played on the Bassmaster Classic stage of Cherry epic battle all he could do is sit down on the steps and watch. Cherry knew the outcome and probably replayed it over and over in his mind on the drive to the BOK Center in Tulsa.Bassmaster Classic Hank Cherry Copy

One can only imagine what Cherry was experiencing.

Crumbing to the floor of his boat, Cherry had two options. He could lay there in self pity having loss a big fish in the Classic or get up and make another cast.Bassmaster Classic day 3 weigh in

Everyone in the BOK Center looked stunned. They were afraid that Cherry would just lay there or get up and throw a fit. The crowd of 15,000 plus was silent.

Not surprisingly Cherry decided to get up and fire out his jerkbait hoping to catch another big bass. He had learned over the years of fishing in tournaments that things happen that he couldn’t control. This was one of those things.

It’s moments like these that shape and change an angler forever. Over the years a number of past winners of the Classic have experienced what Cherry experienced. Hopefully like them, Cherry will learn and use it as a learning experience.

Bassmaster Classic Hank Cherry